Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Have Chainsaw will Warrior

Todays games was a throwback to the eighties. I broke out my copy of Chainsaw Warrior. This is a "Games Workshop" book shelf game from way back.

I havn't had the game that long , it being an EBay purchase of recent vintage. But I remember it from a long way back. I remember seeing the adverts for it in White Dwarf magazine, even seeing it the games club I used to frequent in my more childish years, and oh how I longed to get my hands on it.

It finally came true only in 2007, when I saw and gained it for less than the original box price!

The theme of the game is that some infernal dark force has broken through the veil between the worlds and brings mutants and zombies with it. Only one man can take the fight to them and that is the Chainsaw Warrior of the title.

So its a solo game, you set the statistics for the warrior and equip him, then enter the two buildings killing everything before you until somewhere in the second building you find "Darkness" himself, then you have at most three chances to kill him.

The game is exceedingly hard. There is a lot of luck, a lot of dice and random card draws so if your unlucky you will not get anywhere. Its quite tantalising though becuase it is possible to keep finding yourself coming up just short of the goal, but then thats the mark of a good solo game isnt it?

If you want to see how todays game went see my session report.

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