Friday, January 18, 2008

Playing Doom

I've owned Doom the Boardgame for a few months. I've played the invader ( monster player ) four times and still hadn't played as a Marine, until this week.

During lunch at work we have been squeezing in some very short play sessions. Fortunately the boss is letting us leave the game set up on a meeting table.

So this week one of the other players in the group has taken over and is playing the invaders. So far I'm really enjoying it. Its really nice to not know what is coming up and get to blow away the aliens rather being the one picking on the Marines.

As a Marine, the game does seem a lot of fun. It can seem like work at times when playing the invaders. Having to move so many pieces and try to keep on top of the cards and remembering when to play them can be quite draining.

Anyway. 2 frags and we've entered the 3rd area. I think it's going to be tight, we really have very little chance of winning. Its GREAT!

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