Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Popular Game

This weekend my personal web site BookRanger has come crashing down. Why? Because one of the free games I posted there got "Stumbled Upon".

The Stumble Upon website upped my daily number of hits from around 30 - 40 per day to 3000-4000. So my entire months bandwidth got gobbled up in a weekend!

So, what was this game thats so fantastic it draws gamers like flies to the honey pot? It is called Solo Dungeon Bash, and as the name suggests it's solotaire game where you work your way through a dungeon getting goodies until you come upon the big monster at the end.

I would put a link to the page here, except it wouldn't do any good because the sites down! Dont fret, you can get a PDF of Solo Dungeon Bash from BoardGameGeek.

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