Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Traveller session report

Last nights Traveller game went well. The PC's were woken by the sound of a near riot. It turned out that one of the children born on the colony was showing Psi abilities. An agitator was calling for the "witch child" to be put to death. The heroes broke it up and got off planet with the child and her family.

The colony ship had been stripped for resources so was not useable. That meant that if they wanted to get away from the planet they would have to take the abandoned alien Aslan ship.

They jumped into the Affran system hoping to find a home for the family. They played safe and broadcast their presence, lest they get fired on by Imperial forces who would only see an Aslan interloper.

They docked at the station were boarded by a Marine contingent who wanted to inspect the ship. Meantime the visited an administrator and made an application for residency visas for the family. It was during this interview that they learnt that Affran is a planet run by "Families" and that the Administrator considered the planet a "hive of scum and villainy." They also learnt that there is likely to be a negative response to a Psi capable child.

They then decided to use their contacts over at the Navy base and got in to see the Head of Station. While sharing a meal and a few glasses of wine, they spun quite a tale. They told of a secret combat mission into Aslan space where thousands were killed, but in the end they, the heroes of this tale, managed to capture the Aslan ship. The Head of Station fell for it!

They found that this part of the galaxy was inhabited by pirates, and that the HoS thought the Killown family down on the planet might be responsible as their ships didn't seem to get hit as often.

So they hatched a plan to pretend to be visiting nobles who just happen to be trying to place the family as they look around at the possibilities of setting up a trade route while secretly they want to find out if the Killown family are dirty.  The HoS has offered help, as he wants to stop the piracy.