Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monty Python Fluxx

Until this Christmas I'd never played or even see any of the Fluxx games played. I have to admit that what I'd heard about it did sound fun but wasn't going to risk my hard-earned on a game I wasn't sure about.

Still Christmas rolled round and presents arrived and you can guess what was included!

I played one game with my wife and son, and it was pretty good, apart from me having no memory for songs and losing out because of it ( and not having seen any Monty Python for about 15 years ). We had some fun.

Then this weekend I had a bigger game with daughter #3 and her intended added into the collection for 5 people sitting round the table. We'd just had a meal and were sitting back and relaxing with some drinks when the game hit the table.

I think I found its sweet spot with five people. That's enough people so that someone has something funny to say, and that at least one other person is going to get the Monty Python joke. It's also not so big that that you sit around waiting too long for your turn.

We ended up playing two hands ( or is it rounds ) and having a jolly good time. I recommend the game to monty python fans but would offer a stern "stay away" to anyone who doesn't.