Sunday, April 17, 2016

A board game idea - "hotel"

So the idea of this game is for a two or three player game that I know I will not have time to develop, unless someone wants to pay me to do it of course.

Players take the role of a general dogsbody in a hotel. If a guest needs a pillow you get it, If a room has a water leak, you fix it etc etc.

The board is made up of a cutaway profile of the hotel with three or four rooms per level. A stairwell and elevator give access to the various guest levels from the lobby, which is where the players avatars start. Carefully secreted around the hotel are special rooms that supply the things your avatar might need, such as pillows and blankets in the linen closet, tools in the basement and so on.

Each turn cards are draw from a deck of cards, perhaps one per player. Each card has a guests "need" that the avatars must fulfill. The "need" might be an extra pillow, fixing a water leak, coffee, whatever, and each card has an associated tip that the avatar will get for providing the need. The card is placed on the board in a room space.

To fulfill a "need" the avatar must be moved to the location that has the required item, such as pillows from the linen closet, and then moved to the room that has the need. The player then takes the card.

Tips can be spent to purchase upgrades to the avatar, such as roller skates that allow them to move quicker. At the end of the game the player with the highest amount of unspent tips will win.

Another feature of this unfinished idea includes take-that upgrades, that allow you to slow your opponents by setting banana skin traps, locking the supply room etc.

Well, that's the idea. Unfinished, unpolished. Now it's out of my head, hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight

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