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Solitaire Memoir '44 Pointe Du-Hoc

Here's my solo play through of the fourth scenario from the base game.

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Wipers Salient - Released in physical form

My game 'Wipers Salient' is now available pre-printed from Gamecrafter. Get your WWI deck building fix!

Here's a vid of me unboxing the proof copy..

I'm an author, I write adventure game books.

Basement? What basement?

In the fourth session of our Basic D&D campaign, the PCs completely did not enter the dungeon/basement, it's like they saw the rails and ran the other way!

They returned to the Inn with the captured Mayor (see last session report) and found the usual collection of townspeople inside. There was some discussion about how to put him on trial. They ended up with three judges, a prosecution and a defence, that was what you might expect, their choices for the roles was where it went a little weird. The Prosecution was the PCs, the judges included a drunken priest, the Inn keeper that they were buying the Inn from, and one of the PCs. The Defence was being played by the Mayor's ex-slave (freed by the PCs, the same day).

All of the mayors "crimes" were illiterated. The mayor responded with spiting and anger. Then they called on the Defence to make a statement. The ex-slave put down his pie and his beer, stood up and said "We should hang him!" There was a lot of agreement from the people in the Inn. The PCs hackles went up, this wasn't the defence they had expected! The Cleric (a PC) stepped into the breech and after a short break made a heart felt plea for mercy.This ended up with the mayor being chained to a post in the stables until a permanent solution could be devised.

The PCs didn't want to leave a power vacuum so called an election in the middle of town. By a raising of hands they would vote for a new mayor. The only candidate was the Inn keeper, as everyone else there seemed a little confused by the process. Once he was elected he immediately turned to the other townsfolk and started demanding money from them. The PCs intervened and discovered that demanding money is what the old mayor did so he thought he should do it too. They told him it was no way to behave and packed him off to the mayor's house with a thousand gold coins of their own. He took their money with a sly smile and headed off.

Now they wanted some inspiration, as there were missing people that needed to be found. The pot boy from the inn and the Assay for instance. The cleric asked his god for guidance. He started turning on the spot with mace extended he waited for inspiration. As his eyes were closed he didn't see a new NPC fighter pushing through the crowd. Of course the cleric clonked him on the head as he swung around.

The fighter was injured, carrying a bloodied sword with broken shield, and now a bruised head. He revealed that he had staggered here after fighting to free some captives from slavers in the nearby woods. Thinking this might be where the missing people had ended up, the PCs healed the fighter, who was named Garthan. He lead them back to the place where he had fought with the slavers. It looked like he had killed two of them before being driven off.

They followed the slavers trail to a clearing. In the middle of this open area was a raised mound and an iron bound door set into the side. The thief popped the lock and the PCs slipped in finding themselves in a room with two armed sleeping men. Without issuing a challenge they killed them both. Through a door, across a corridor,and opening another door they found themselves in an underground stable. Three men were watering the horses. Without a pause they dropped the buckets and charged. Hacky, slashy, thump. Two of them were killed and the third pounded to the ground. They wanted him alive for questioning. He gave them directions to where the big boss could be found before being knocked out.

Following the directions led them to a large room with a pool in the corner. The floor of the room had buckets all over it collecting water that was dripping from the roof, and the "riddit" sounds coming from the pool advertised the fact that there was a giant frog in here. The pool was by the door  they needed to get through. Of course the frog went for them as they neared that door. Poor silly frog, should have known better, may he rest in pieces.

Through the door along a corridor and they had reached the end of the directions they'd extracted. Our heroic fighter PC tried listening at the door. There was a flash of light (but no sound) and he was thrown to the floor badly hurt. Magical trap! Thinking that perhaps the "J" tattoo that all of these enemies had might help here, they went back to the stable and dragged the unconscious man back to the door and used his hand to open the door. It worked!

Inside they found a big man rising from his bed. They attacked. Maces, swords, arrows and backstabs! The man fought back with with a flaming fist. He put up a good fight and some of his friends turned up starting a second fight at the door as Garthan tried to hold them off. The PCs took some hurt and pretty soon laid out the big guy. The sight of his beheaded corpse set his friends running.

An extensive and detailed search of the room turned up a small chest and a magical scroll. Unfortunately the thief took a very dangerous dart as he opened the chest but did find a horde of 500gp inside.

The very next door they tried led revealed the missing townsfolk chained to the walls of a prison. They quickly freed them and headed for town on the ten ponies from the stables. There was much jubilation and cheering. They had been left with the impression that there may have been more people kept as prisoners in the mound, but before heading back they decided spend the night healing up and buying more healing potions. They cleared out the potion seller and it's likely to be a few weeks before he has any more potions.

A visit to check on the mayor found him hungry and thirsty. It looked like someone had emptied his own slop bucket over him.  Feeling a little sorry for him the Cleric freed him intending to get him food, water, and a wash, but the mayor attacked. His attack was weak and hopeless so he was quickly subdued and returned to his chains.

Karrbo, the mayors ex-slave and ex-defence-lawyer was offered the job of bar tender which he was glad to take. The PCs were hoping to keep the Inn ticking over until they returned to take ownership. So with everything in-hand they headed back to the mound in the woods.

They found the door closed and locked. When the rapped on the door they heard things being piled against the door. It seemed the slavers were not all dead!. The thief popped the lock (again) and they barged in...into a hail of arrows! Five guys were waiting, three with bows and two with swords drawn. The swordsmen attacked but were quickly swatted aside. The bowmen ran through a door but not before one took an arrow in the back.

There ended the session. The players now have two partially explored dungeons within reach of their home. A home I might add, that has had its power structures turned upside down by our friendly murder-hobos.

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Unboxing Wipers Salient

The first pre-printed copy of my game Wipers Salient has just turned up, and here's me unboxing it.. Oooh I was so excited and nervous!

I'm an author, I write adventure game books.

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