Monday, January 14, 2008

Bargain Sunday

This Sunday I passed by TK Max which is a clothing store. I'd never been in there before but I remembered reading on BoardGameGeek stories by other BGGers that they had actually found games in there.

I couldn't resist, and in I went.

WOW!!!!!!! I found a copy of Heroscape for £15. Last time I saw this game it was going for £45 so down went the money and home came the box.

WOW!!!!!!! What a game. The box is actually jam packed with bits. It's a big box and and heavy with it.

The board pieces are excellent and fit together wonderfully. But the real treasure are the fantasy figures. There are about lots of them in many styles and all nicely painted. These are pre-paints and well done.

I've only played one game with the basic rules but I feel this game is already a hit. It will definitely be getting a lot of plays.

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