Monday, January 07, 2008

Making Models

Tonight I spent half an hour or so making up one of the models from my copy of Robogear.

I got this game for birthday near the start of December. Ever since, every now an then I've gone back to it, to make up another model.

The game itself is a miniatures wargame, in the true sense that there is no board and you use rulers and dice.

It's a huge box, full of snap together miniatures and vehicles. They all come attached to the sprues and you have to cut them off and of course snap them together.

I think there is probably another couple of months worth of occasional model making and then... then... I'll actually play with them.

What I'm really looking forward to is the fact that the vehicles actually fire projectiles! Yes that right it actually fires! This game has not be PC'ed to death.

I'm looking forward to that happy day.

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