Wednesday, January 30, 2008


A good few months ago I made my own copy of Dune. Unfortunately the source I used for the game components included parts for all of the expansions as well. So I ended up having a bunch of cards which were not covered by the rules. Doh!

So I was delighted to find recent thread on BoardGameGeek where the cards from the original game were highlighted.

To the games cupboard I ran! I've now marked the original cards with an orange colouring pencil so in future I'll be able to exclude those cards that dont belong.

I've also now started the third offical scenario for Doom : The Board Game. With the third player taking a turn at being the bad guys.

Learnt a major lesson from the second scenario. At one point we opened a door to a corridor that bent around a corner. There was a bunch of big monsters and we saw no tokens or markers on the map to suggest it was worth going down there and fighting those monsters.

My assumption was that everything was always shown on the map. Oh no. Only if you looked around that corner would you see the teleport! So we died. Invaders win again.

This third scenario appears to be a real time challenge. We have to find a bunch of scientists before a very short time is up. We havn't left the first room yet and three turns have gone! I feel another failure coming up!

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