Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Treasures and Traps

Tonight I managed to sneak in a quick ( very quick ) game of Treasures and Traps. Sadly my daughter is very ill at the moment and in-and-out of hospital and this has lead to our usual family gaming sessions being cancelled.

Tonight, with a spare 7.5 minutes we played a game of Treasures and Traps. It's a card game with a fantasy theme. There are 100 cards in the deck and they are all differn't with a loverly cartoony artwork on every one.

Each card has an "Entry" and an "Exit" number. To play a card you roll a die and if you match or beat its "Entry" number it come into play. The same process is used to "Exit" cards, either your own or an opponents.

Fun ensues as you try to gain the winning conditions, and as your evil opponents "Exit" all the cards you need to win!.

Good rules, good theme and fun. Tonight was the first game in about 50 that I've managed to beat my son. He's normally a demon winner at this. Lady luck was with me tonight so after winning, I had a little dance round the room.

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