Sunday, January 06, 2008

Family Games night

We had a bit of games night today. We played two games of Bubble and Squeak. It's a fun light game when played with the right crowd.

In this game you have hand of four cards. The cards have suits, simply represented by colour. Each turn the dealer shouts "Bubble and Squeak" and everyone passes a card to thier left.

Everyone quickly checks their new card and if they now have a hand of four cards in the same colour, and then makes a grab for one of the squeaky mice in the center of the table. As soon as one person makes a grab for a mouse, everyone can make a grab.

There is one mouse less than the number of the players, so all but one gets a mouse. They therefore score. For scoring you get a letter counter. These letters build up to spell the word "Squeak". The overall winner is the first person to finish the word.

It's a silly little childrens game, but tremendous fun when played with the children.

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