Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heroscape Session Report

Here follows a session report based on a game of Heroscape : rise of the Valkyrie played last night...

Last night I decided to show my overall game mastery and general I'm-better-than-you-ness to my son hereafter known as "him".

If you've read any of my previous session reports you'll know than "him" pretty much has 100-1 winning rate. Yet last night I felt "good" I was smokin'.

We opted for the "Forsaken Waters" map and advanced rules with 400pt armies.

"Him" went first and we ended up with...

Him : Mimring, Tarn Viking Warriors, Syvarris and Agent Carr
Me : Raelin the Kyrie Warrior,Airborne Elite, Sgt Drake Alexander and the Marro Warriors.

I set up in the East and "Him" opted for the West.

I led off by advancing Raelin forwards. I wanted the high ground next to the Healing Glyph. The Vikings went for the same highground. Raelin got there first and was followed quickly by the Marro.

Meanwhile the Sarge was heading round the north of the water in a flanking operation. Carr was advanced to cover the Sarge.

The Marro opened fire and got a kill. The Vikings crashed against the highground and pinned Raelin and a couple of the Marro boys, one of whom was occupying the Glyph at the bottom of the bridge. The vikings laid in and took out the Marro boy on the Glyph and seriously hurt Raelin.

Mimring joined in as well and sent a blast across the water from the sandy isle to two of the Marros on the hill top.

The Sarge was also being duffed up, Carr took the high ground ahead of him and started letting out his blood!

Raelin bailed from the melee and jumped on the healing glyph and the Airborne dropped onto the table between the western ruins and the water. They poured thier fire into the Vikings.

One viking tried to break off from the Marro and attack the Airborne but died as he broke away.

About this time the Sarge took another hit and Syvarris leaped out from behind the ruins a took out one of the Airborne.

Raelin leapt back into action, leaping over the hill and going pointy stick to pointy stick with the viking now on the glyph.

The Airborne backed away as the Mimring came over the water.

The Sarge bought the farm without scoring a single hit.

A Viking took out another Marro despite the height advantage and was then taken out by an Airborne long range shot.

Syvarris ( damn him ) calmly pulled his bow and took out 2 of the Airborne, as Carr came over the bridge going for Raelin.

The odds were going against me. I desperately tried to get the Marros to clone but had no luck.

The last Airborne was stomped by the Mimring the dragon. And not finished yet, Mimring came over the water again. The last Viking went down. Raelin took another stomping and the last Marro made a sprint to the west.

Syvarris took a shot at Marro but missed.

The crowd around Raelin was too much, and "she went to a better place".

The last of a my troops a lonely Marro dived behind the ruins and tried to clone but missed by 1 on his die roll. Syvarris, Mimring and Carr were coming for him. He headed north and tried to get behind the heights, he made a last gasp clone attempt... but failed. Then Syvarris ( damn him ) took aim and killed my last troop with a headshot.

So I look across the floor ( too big for our table ) and "Him" is over there with that smug "I just beat my dad AGAIN" look on his face.

We're supposed to love out kids but you know... sometimes it's hard.

So we chalk that up to the scoreboard and he's now winning just about 101-1. It's enough to make you want to cry.

A little post game analysis on my part. I should have put the Marros into the water to help their cloning and should have parked Raelin near them to boost their poor defence. I also shouldn't have dropped the Airborn into the middle. With their range I should have kept them on the outskirts where they had room to move away from enemies and use their range to effect. One final thing is that I should of played with someone else, "Him" is just to good for me!

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Craig said...

Ouch. I feel your pain. I've started playing HeroScape with the family recently and I always get destroyed.

Most of it is due to the fact that I underestimate them, so I choose vastly weaker forces. (For example, I'll grab troops with a range of 1, and everyone else grabs the dreaded robots of doom and pummels me.)

You mentioned leveraging your marrow warrior's Water Clone power. Good advice. That's a terrain advantage. I wrote about it a bit on my blog recently. Too bad I never seem to take my own advice!

Great blog, thanks for sharing your game! I learned a thing or two for my next battle.