Sunday, December 30, 2007

Early evening game

It's been a good gaming day for me.

I've now combined all of the Lord of the Rings games and expansions into a single box, thus saving about a foot of shelf space. HUZZAR!

I also got to play a game of Sword & Sail and have published an audio review of it on my gaming podcast. It's a light wargame that plays both quickly and easily. It's a good lunch time game actually and I may well take it to work to give it a try there.

I've just finished a couple of hands of Treasures and Traps with the whole family. This is fantastic family card game. Again it's light and fun. There are 100 cards in the deck and every one has unique cartoony artwork.

It's not a game for the very young as part of the game play is to attack the other players. It is good, and fun!

What shall we play tomorrow?

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