Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Gaming Goodness

Back to my blog after a long absence! I thought i'd start by sharing what gaming goodness I've recieved this Christmas.

Firstly I got a copy of Lord of The Rings the Confrontation Deluxe Edition. This is a two player game rather like an advanced and better themed version of the classic Stratego.

Two further additions are expansions to Lord of the Rings. This game is a wonder cooperative game where the players work together against the game.

Anyway, the first expansion is Friends and Foes. I haven't had time to play it yet, but this game adds a lot of features to the game and even makes it a little more difficult. Each turn there is a chance of Foes appearing to block the path of the ring bearer. I'm getting all excited.

The second expansion is Sauron. This changes the game up a bit. Instead of all the players working together, one player now plays the part of the big bad guy himself. I'm not so sure I'd want to play the bad guy but it does look like a very interesting addition to the game, and again I'm looking forward to playing this.

My son also got a board game. We managed to get hold of a second hand copy of The Lost World. This game is based on the film of the same name. He spotted the game somewhere on the web and kept bringing it up. So we looked around and bingo(!) we found and won a copy on EBay.

The rules are rather simple and the game itself does not have much depth but I know he's going to love playing this game, as the Dinos get TO EAT PEOPLE!!!!

I've got a fun filled game playing week ahead.

Thank the Lord.

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