Saturday, December 29, 2007

Friends and Foes

Yesterday I tried my first game of Lord of the Rings with the "Friends and Foes" expansion.

It was a two player game and it seemed rediculously hard. It was very difficult to progress along the board because you had to keep fighting the ever increasing number of foes.

Each foe strips you of assests or makes you miss a go in order to get rid of it. This seemed very problematic for just two hobbits.

The cards are very nice and the mechanics work very well but it all seems to be just too much for two.

I also started combining the games and expansions in my Lord of the Rings set into a single box. Stacked up the games reach just over a foot high. And that way too much space.

I removed the insert from the base game, made up tuck boxes for the four sets of cards and dropped all of the components into baggies. I've been able to throw the Friends and Foes box away. I hope to do the same for the Sauron expansion today.

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