Friday, May 23, 2008

A short game of Risk!

Risk is a long game normally. So long in fact that it's hard to stay enthused through what can become drudgery of taking and retaking... and retaking the same territories. Well, this week I broke the mould.

We finshed the game of Risk - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Edition that had been taking place at work during lunchtimes ( once again big thanks to the Bosses for letting me leave games set up! ). We only had about 5 turns each.

Admittedly we didn't play the game through to it's conclusion as my opponent conceeded his position as useless.

I was playing the bad guys and had incredible luck. Every time I attacked I won, every time he attacked I won. Okay, okay, thats a bit of an exageration, but it's close to the truth. In those few short turns I had two entire and adjacent regions under my thumb and troops in every other region.

The tokens that have to get played by the bad guys that are actually the good guys only hope, were safely entrenched in the midst of by strongest region well out of his reach.

So there we were 5 turns or so in, I was in a completely dominent position and played a card that allowed me 50% more reinforcements for one of my armies and that was the straw that broke my opponents back. Frankly I cant blame him. I still had Order 66 to play and he didn't have a chance.

Did I play especially well? Did he play especially lousy? No to both of those. The only difference was that I was unable to roll badly. It's the commonly held belief that when you roll lots of dice, luck evens out. I'm not so sure thats always true, I mean, I have anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

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