Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A couple of game designs

Over the bank holiday weekend I made up a roll and move game. My son is nuts for anything with dinosaurs, so I taped a bunch of A4 paper together to make one big sheet I could draw on.

He has a bag full of mini dinosaurs and these were my inspiration. I made a track with boxed spaces running around three sides of the paper and then snaked through the centre.

I drew a volcano on the board and had the smoke blowing upwards across the track and causing a turn to be missed. Also Lava was running down aross another part of the track which made you go backwards.

The track had spaces with dino poo, dino wee, dino sick, Jurassic Crabs and even Killer Bunnies!

I also decorated the board with dinosaurs in the water , and running away from the lava ( hot lava death hurts! ).

All of the beasties has speech bubbles saying silly things but the the biggest feature, the one that got the biggest laugh and had my son going on and on about it was... a Big T-Rex farting across the track ( for a miss a go )!

Will this game ever make it onto Board Game Geek? Nope. It was a one shot, that got a bunch of laughs but I'd be ashamed for any "real" people to see it.

On another tack, I've had a real game design of my own in alpha testing with a bunch of great volunteers from Board Game Geek. I've had a lot of questions, but thats good in this alpha stage as it points out problems in the design and failings in the rules as written.

I hope to start pulling all of the feedback together this weekend ( time allowing ). Once I know what needs to be corrected I'll put a few hours into fixing the bugs and then get the game released to the public. It'll be released for free to the public and get a page Board Game Geek. Once that happens, I'll feel like I have really earny my Board Game designer badge.

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