Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Lucky Escape for Mordor

I just had a quick game of Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation with my son. I won, of which I'm rightly proud, however it was a close run thing. Only by blind luck did I manage to catch Frodo and Sam in the Mountains with the Cave Troll. At that point, I was down by 3 more pieces than my son.

My son is a little autistic and although he's no RainMan he has a memory that many computers would envy. For example he knows what every card in Killer Bunnies says and means, he remembers rules for games he played once over a year ago, that sort of thing.

So as you can imagine when it comes to a game like this he is able to remember each and every character that's been revealed and where it was. He knows which characters defeat which, he knows what cards you've already played...

This is why I like to play games with some degree of luck or "the unknown", otherwise I wouldn't stand a chance. I'm not a fan of chess, if I were, I'm sure he would destroy me at that.

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