Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well I got an email from the company to whom I submitted one of my game designs.


The games company were kind enough to give me some details as to why they have rejected it. They have stated that although it was one of the better designs submitted to them it suffers in that you are not drawn back to it to play again.

I find that really interesting. That means the game needs more work, specifically something needs to be added or changed, something that will draw you back to the game.

So I'm asking myself, what makes you want to go back to a game? The game itself can be replayed many times, and it uses a reasonably sized card deck which means you get lots of variety. So what's missing?

First thoughts off the top of my head thoughts are:

"Nearly winning, being very close".
"Fun in the interplay between players."
"Good meaningful decision points."
"Attractive theme."

They also said that they were a little worried that the theme might encroach on copyrights held by others.

That IS interesting. Perhaps I should approach these "others"...

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