Friday, May 02, 2008

A challenge for the arty fan of Lord of the Rings

If like me you have a copy of Lord of the Rings, the excellent cooperative game, you may think that although the boards are loverly the game bits are rather bland.

Of course you can upgrade hobbit minis with some nice metal figures and likewise for that Sauron paperweight. You can even upgrade the ring itself with one of the many cheap film tie-ins that are drifting around secondhand stores.

Yet what about the event tiles, the shields and the Life tokens. They are just boring, very little effort design wise has gone into those.

The Shields for a start could have much richer graphics. The White Tree shields from the film even the shields of the Uruk-Hai and those of the Rohirrim could be used.

Well heres the challenge, if your the arty type why dont you come up with some alternate parts that the rest of us can Print and Play with, and post the file onto the games page at Board Game Geek

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