Sunday, May 18, 2008

Outpost Gamma - Review

Outpost Gamma has long been available for you to download allowing you to print and play your own copy. This review is based on my Print and Play experience of the game. The orignal boxed version from Dwarfstar games is long long out of print.

I found Printing and Playing the game a real pain in the butt. The images provided in the zip file are literal scans of the counters and board. This means they are not designed for printing and playing so the imagry, especially on the board suffers from folds and creases.

I had a bit of trouble lining up the two map segments and scaling the counters to fit the map.

The rules didn't print well either. All but four pages of the rule book are scanned into a PDF with the last four pages being included as jpeg images with two pages on each.

Fortunately the end result is worth the effort of making the game.

The game is for two players. Its set on a far future world where the indigenous low tech people are battling against the off-world miners and their imperial marine guardians.

The two side are not equally balanced. The Miners and Marines are high tech with long range powerful weapons and the locals have only a few weapons but do have hordes of melee troops. I like the counters they are clear and show the attributes you would expect in a wargame, attack,defence, move and range.

The board, printing troubles aside, is a very nice hex map. The terrain plays a major part in the game play. There is a major canal that allows one side to move around very quickly and a lot of indivual features that block LOS , slow down and otherwise effect general game play.

Another neat feature of the game, are the "Storms". These are randomly moving storms that block LOS and allow both sides to use them as cover for movement, vital to winning the scenarios included.

The first scenario is simply, one side has to occupy three mountain tops at the end of the game, and the other is for the Marines to help the miners escape. Simple but challenging for both sides.

All in all it's a good little game. The original published version would be well worth picking up if you see it, and if you want to go to the trouble of printing and playing give it a go.

Summary : Fun little wargame

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