Saturday, May 03, 2008

DIY Boardgame Expansion

Being an ardent Print and Play gamer I often look at the games I have and think about how I can expand them or make them better. I'm trying to add to the experience and the fun.

I was looking over my Hour of Glory game and looking at the boards thinking what I might add to it. The boards are very nicely made and designed to fit together in a certain pattern. However the rules do state that you can mix them up if you want to.

Well, I shuffeled them about a bit and ended up with 1 door facing out off of the board into "non-game-space". That was it, I knew I had to make up a new board. Looking at the existing rooms, they are all rather big so I started thinkning that the stronghold was missing something a little smaller, a closet sized room!

I got this game as a PDF so I opened the PDF, went to a page that contained a printable tile, took a screen shot and got to work in Paint Shop Pro. Half an hour later I had a small 3x3 room with a doorway. I'd done a hacking cut and paste job to turn an original tile into a tiny itsy bitsy room.

I now have a room that I can line up with the door I had disapearing into nowhere. Not only that but I now have a utility room with many uses. I can arrange the tiles in the usual order and append this the side. It could be the Commanders starting room, a Guard room, a mission objective or just a place to hide.

I've made up the room and posted it to the files section of the games page at BoardGameGeek.

If you have the game, please take a look at the file and see if you can use it.

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