Saturday, May 24, 2008

Goofed the Green Things

I have just completed my first game of The Awful Green Things from Outer Space in quite a while. It was a sad sad defeat for me as the crew. This is a game that you get better at with multiple plays but I just dont seem to be getting the plays that I need!

My son played with style and class, while I was bodging it from the outset.

The crew were mostly towards the front of the ship and the Green things towards the rear at the outset and we started fairly normally. I think my first mistake was in grouping the crew. Rather than staying spread out which makes your opponent spread his green forces I allowed him to concentrate and we inevitably ended up with a mass battle in the central corridor.

My second mistake was in sending Yid up to the front of the ship to get a weapon when I should have had him in the fight taking out greenies each turn. he ended up wasting three or so turns going to get a weapon that turned out useless.

I found the fire ext' to be the weapon of choice with 5 dice to stun which allowed my to keep back the horde in the corridor while picking off one or maybe two each turn. It was not enough. The other crewman started going down.

By the time I found that the pool sticks were the 5 dice to kill weapons the two crewmen who picked them up were pinned in the pool room by a few greenies. The other crew members in the fuel pod nearby managed to keep the corridor clear for a while. Unfortunately the guys with the pool sticks were rolling so badly that an Adult and Baby managed to finish them both off leaving me with no good weapons. And now the corridor fight had sucked in pretty much everyone else.

Leadfoot went down with 24 dice being rolled against him but what little luck I had in this game managed to kill the adult that ate him. The remaining crew retreated behind the electric fence and waited with trepidation the oncoming horde.

The Greenies marched into the fence and were changed from Adults to Babies but despite this I could see that the attrition and my mistakes had gone too far. The second horde of Greenies had now wiped out the last remaining crew at the aft end and started to roll forwards!

I did the math and realised I would not be able set the self destruct and so just ran for the ships boats. Off into wild black yonder, where the crew spent 5 years before getting home.

Final score was about 30 points in favour of Awful green Things.

I had a good time, but ended up kicking myself for making silly errors.

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