Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First review for Free Trader

Gosh, I'm so proud, my game Free Trader has just received it's first review at Board Game geek. Yet, even better than that it's a good review! Woopee, someone likes one of my games!

One of the inspirations for my game was a game called Zombie in my Pocket. It was the tile laying in this game that evolved into the planet-laying within mine. I've been watching ZIMP closely since I reviewed it a while back and it's been going from strength to strength. It's game-page-forun hardly seems to see a day go by without some new BGG'er dropping by to praise the game.

Best of all, ZIMP has had a recent overhall. The original cards were simple had drawn images, but a BGG'er has now uploaded a terrific new set of tiles and cards. So if you have looked at this game before, it's definitely worth revisiting the new art is "professional" quality, and will make the whole play experience better.

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