Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Morning Blues

Well here it is Saturday morning and I'm feeling down. Under normal circumstances I's be happy as a clam with lots of interesting things to do.

Such as, play a game of Carrier, or Falcon Ace.

I could start recording the next episode of History In Their Own Words.

I could continue making up one of the two or three games I have half made.

But you know what, I dont really want to do any of those things.

What I want is to start making up my copy of Wormhole. It's an exciting looking SciFi fleet battle game with card models. Everything from fighters all the way up to Fleet Carriers. Not just a board game but a hobby as well if you enjoy model making. It's a Print and Play game. The guys producing it have done an outstanding job of creating not only superb looking models but they are very media savvie. Thier site includes exciting media that really generate interest in the game itself. I really cant wait to try this game.

So why Blue? I have run out of colour ink for my printer!

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