Saturday, May 17, 2008

New game day

Today has had two gaming events for me.

Firstly I finished updating the rules in the game I've been working on for a while. The final thing was naming the game. I put out a request at BoardGameGeek and had a lot of very good responses and suggestions. I finally rested on one of the suggestions which was put forward by BGG user nyhotep which was "Free Trader". I dropped nyhotep a GeekGold tip by way of thanks.

The game "Free Trader" is now available for you to download from the BookRanger game page. I've also submitted the game to the BoardGameGeek game database, so hopefully within a couple of days it will have a reference page there where I can field any questions.

Secondly I finally got a chance to break out my new copy of Carrier. I started working my way through the rules and got to Scenario 1. This scenario includes only a Japanese and US air strike with no counters on the map. I only managed to get through the US attack before time ran out. I had this game set up for at least an hour and half.

The majority of the time was spent reading rules. There is a lot of text and a lot of cross references. It seems to be missing a simple step by step guide to get you going which is fairly typical of these older war games. There is nothing for it but to plow on through and put the time in. I've played these sort of games before and its always a lot of hard effort to get going but is usually well worth the effort once your able to zip through the process without constant references to the rules.

I hope to have another stab at this tomorrow but my time might end up being dedicated to my copy of Outpost Gamma.

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