Friday, October 31, 2008


So after the disappointment of the previous post I finally managed to get the Lord of the Rings : Confrontation Deluxe played during Lunch at work.

I got of my work pals to sit opposite each other and go at it. I breezed through the rules, mentioning the stacking limits, the special move spaces for the Fellowship player and explained roughly how the combat worked.

So then they started. The Sauron players first move was to move a piece onto the Caradhras space. The Fellowship player and myself ( as umpire/referee sitting to the side where I couldn't see either players bits ) both had this pegged as the Balrog. Straight away the Fellowship player went into the attack on this space.

It wasn't the Balog! It was however the Troll. No retreats meant it came down to the card play. The Troll cant play a meaningful card and the Fellowship player played a high card to defeat the Troll and so first kill to the good guys.

Nether player was afraid to fight and it turned into a brisk set of fights with both players staying about even.

The Orcs made a successful raid into the Fellowship territory by a couple of rows before being brought down by a counter attack, also revealing Frodo as they did it.

The Nazgul leaped across the board picking on a lone Fellowship piece only for it to be that damned elf immediately killing it!

Then would you believe a slight misthought, a mishap, an oversight of the briefest interlude had Frodo try the tunnel only to discover that the Balrog had in fact since taken up residence.

Both players appeared to play an excellent game especially considering it was their first try with the game. Now I've warmed them to the game I hope it get a few games in myself next week. Fingers crossed.

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