Friday, October 10, 2008

Holiday Games

Well today is the last day I expect to be posting for a week or so because I'm going on holiday. My preparation for the holiday , at least in gaming terms, has been going on for about a week.

I've had a Piecepack for a while, which is a generic set of game pieces for which well over a hundred game rules sets have been written. I've also got the "Decktet" which is a fairly new generic deck of cards. I've carefully packed these into my going away box along with about a dozen printed sets of rules for these. I haven't read the rules, just simply printed then and stowed them ready for play on holiday.

I'm also taking a 1/4 quarter size copy of It's All Chinese to Me!. I printed this out a few weeks ago by setting my printer to print four pages on one. I've slipped this into an old Paracetamol box, this is going as my secret game that no one in the family knows about ( hee hee ).

I've also got my set of Zombie in my Pocket, which is another really small game that's a lot of fun.

Now to finish off I'm taking my copy of an RPG called Traveller which we may or may not play ( this was my inspiration for my game "Free Trader" ), a card game called Sherlock Holmes and of course we're taking Killer Bunnies. It wouldn't be a holiday without Killer Bunnies!

Erm... I hope I have time for some holiday between the games...


Anonymous said...

Beware of the Piecepack. There are some gems, but too many of the games are rubbish.

There are some good games here.

My favourite is Alien City and Hanging Gardens is good too.

Anonymous said...

Recommended Games
Hanging Gardens
Alien City