Sunday, October 05, 2008

Space Hulk - Session

Today I played a game of an old game workshop game called Space Hulk. Unfortunately for me I was playing against my son. I call him my son, but frankly I don't think the amount of good luck he has in games has anything to do with my genes!

He played the part of the space marines in mission 2. Looking over the scenario it says that the Genestealer entry points are blocked if a Marine is within 6 spaces of it. So if I'd have been the marine player I would have tried to close these entry points.

However my son had other ideas. He simply played the game by standing off at the end of long corridors in overwatch. He covered all four corridors with overwatch and waited.

I could see the idea behind that but my experience is that overwatch is good for a while but troopers generally get overwhelmed by onrushing hordes as soon as they get a jammed weapon.

So my hordes of Genestealers came onto the board and started up the corridors only to find the overwatching Marines blowing them away as quickly as they came onto the board.

So second , third and fourth turns I continued bringing the 'stealers on at the same place hoping to get my fangs into the overwatching marines. It didn't happen. On one turn I got a Genestealer next to a Marine but the 'stealer had run out of action points. Of course next turn the marine steps back and using all of his six command points empties the entire length of the corridor putting me back to square 1.

The second corridor from this entry point was overwatched by a Marine with the flamer. This of course meant that as soon as a Genestealer came in site it got flamed and this blocked the path for others!

So it came down to this. I kept almost getting to his soldiers only to have him blow me back. He seemed to get very few weapon blockages and this meant he kept on smacking me. This couldn't go on because once we hit 30 Genestalers killed it was a Marine win. So it quickly got down to this score of death. And worse luck for me, he hadn't lost a single Marine.

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