Thursday, October 23, 2008

Varg Bid - Session

I have just played two full games of Varg Bid with my family. That's four players three adults and one child.

Rather than dealing just 10 cards to each player as I have in the past this time I dealt the entire deck out between us. This didn't prove to be a problem as we all managed to hold the cards very easily.

It was interesting to watch my son playing his first game. He did his usual thing of copying the other players until he grew in confidence. My wife was the first to play a card out for bidding, she led off with an ace. The round played out and then it was my sons turn to lead off. As I've already hinted, he placed out an Ace as had my wife. During this first game he was not very confident and when he realised that he could pass on a bid he did, and did so often.

This led to the end game where he was left with many cards and the rest of us had been reduced to just a couple each. So it came about that we had all held onto our Crown (10) cards and the last few cards to be placed out for bidding were all worth the most and he was in a splendid position to pick them up. So this game ended with him actually winning. He has shown me a technique that is worth considering, simply skip the first few rounds and save your cards till the end.

The second game was completely different. He like the rest of us was fully confident and was bidding with the rest of us. He did save all of his bids for the bigger cards, and in fact played out all of his aces once again when called to place one down for the bid. Clever little guy had analysed the game after just a single game. Then, that's what you get when you play with kids that have autistic traits!

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