Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A day of dispointments

So today I've had a couple of disapointmnets. Firstly work let me down. Now and then I get to play games at work. In addition to just getting to play, I even get to leave games set up so that I can play over multiple lunchtimes. How's that for having Cool management!

Alas today things were not so cool. I'd taken my Lord of the Rings Box to work getting myself all excited. The box contains not only Lord of the Rings, but also the Friends and Foes expansion and the Sauron expansion, and Lord of the Rings : Confrontation Deluxe. So I'm on a real Lord of the Rings vibe when suddenly I discover that we have a client in the office so we cant set up the game!!!

That was rather sad. but then tonight has proved rather sad. Not really sad. Just a kind of dang(!) type sad. I've printed out a copy of the free game "Cold War" which when I read the rules looked very good, they do still seem good. The disapointment is the components let the game down. Now being an experienced Print and Player of games I can make some very nice components when I want to, but in this case there is not a lot to be done. The art is very very basic and lets the game down. A Ship is represented by a bullet shape, a warship by a rectangle, an aircraft by a cross. Very uninspiring. Now add to that , each player needs about 60 counters or cubes but the PDFs that make up the game dont include any counters. So you have to make up your own.

That disapoints me quite a lot. This game has such potential!

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