Monday, October 20, 2008

Varg Bid, 2 game sessions

I was on holiday last week and took the opportunity to try out a number of games for both the Piecepack and the Decktet cards. The specific game in this session report is a game of my own design that uses the Decktet.

We were paying a visit to the local Laundrette, while the wash was being done we paid a short visit to the cliff top and looked for seals ( didn't see any ) but when back in the laundrette with nothing better to do than watch the tumble dryer I launched the Decktet cards out of my pocket with the words, "fancy a game". After the whole "rolling eyes" thing she agreed.

I was introducing the game to my wife, and this always takes a little planning. My wife detests games where she has lots of rules to understand, she just wants to get on with it. Therefore I
started the first game by playing a simplified variant of the basic rules. In this case we played with a hand of 10 cards and all bid cards get discarded. It makes for much shorter game with less thinking.

We only managed to bid on three cards and of course she won. I didn't let her, she's just good.

We then sat back waiting for the washing to finish. Fortunately for me some washing had to go back in for more drying, leaving us with 10 more minutes to fill! I brought the pack back out and gave her "the eyes" which got me a "oh go on then".

I told her this time we'd use the proper bidding rule, where the loser gets their bidding cards back. She nodded and we begun.

The first card out for bidding was a two, I got that. Next was 4,she got that. Then another two, I got that. The next card was bigger, we both played out a few cards bidding on it, but then I had to concede the bid to her as I didn't have a single card that would let me outbid her.

The last card out was a King meaning whoever won it would win the game. She bid, I bid, she bid, I bid and I won as she had nothing to outbid me.

The washing finished and I packed away the cards before helping unload the machine.

I know I'm biased, but I like this game, and it doesn't hurt to have such nice cards. I guess next time I'll have to try some of the variants suggested by the Decktet designer.

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