Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday ZIMP - Session

The following is a session report for Zombie in my Pocket, a free Print and Play game, that took place on my holiday (Saturday).

It started in the foyer, and I moved into the dinning room, had to hold my bladder as the fear was mounting. Tried the door in the opposite wall which fortunately led to the bathroom. I releived my bladder and found a CandyBar nice! Looking at the cupboards I decided to search them and managed to find a can of soda.

The Bathroom was a dead end so I opted to head back to the Dinning room and try the other doors. Unfortunately there were some zombies in there now. Using the ancient martial art of Origami, I managed to fold the Zombies into flowers and only took a modicum of damage. I drank the soda by way of healing and marched on.

The next room turned out to be the Evil Temple! Four zombies were guarding the sacred sigils of Secthopet. Adopting the stance I launched into a well timed Origami manoeuvre and folded then into fish. Afterwards I polished off the Candy Bar and searched the room for the Totem I knew was there. I found it under a pile of zombies. More smashing and kicking left these zombies folded as nice Sea gulls!

I was tired. All of this folding wears a guy down. I decided to cower in the corner for a while and used the time to mentally fold the perfect cube.

As I made my back to the Dinning room I felt a spark of hope, but this was dashed as entered the garden when I suddenly felt a sense of doom!

I moved into the yard and would you believe it, of all things a bat pooped in my eye! This unnerved me and I took a few moments to consider (cower).

I moved down the yard folding 5 zombies into rather attractive dog shapes and had a quick cower in the hedge.

As I looked round the garage I heard terrible screams and the town
clock chimed 11.

Further down the yard I had the feeling my soul was not wanted by
even these lifeless pawns of evil.

I took the chance to cower once more.

Further into this zombie ridden garden and four zombies jumped me. A swift lookup in my guide to Origami, and I had the zombies folded into cute pussy cats. Tired again I choose to cower once more.

The clock was ticking, midnight was closing my dread was mounting.

I moved into the sitting area and six zombies came at me. That was the final straw, there was no more Mr Niceguy. This group I folded into two cup and saurcer combos, a teapot and a spoon. Take that!

I rested (Cowered).

I moved on, and finally I found myself in the Graveyard I had been seeking, I could smell blood!

As I scraped the soil away to bury the totem I could taste something icky. Yet the years of Origami training had steeled my self discipline I did not falter. Then it was done. The totem was buried. I stood up and looked around. Silence...

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