Sunday, November 02, 2008

Pegasus Bridge

Yesterday I finally after months and months got around to getting my hands on a copy of Memoir 44. I bought it from The Board Game Company, I actually got to go round to the owners house and pick it up personally!

After waiting months to get the pennies together for this I rushed home only to not have enough time to open it!

Finally today I cracked it open and played through my first game (solo) oh joy!!!!

When I play solo I often find myself rooting for one side or the other, this time I was with the allies.

The Allies moved up the left and right and generally left the center alone. The allies moved into barbed wire and started clearing it. They came under fire and started taking casualties. As this started I realised that you have to leave a retreat option open or you will suffer more casualties than required! The Allies fired into the sandbagged area scoring a retreat on the axis.

After the game I checked the rules to see if I'd missed anything, and of course I had. At this point having forced a retreat from the sandbags the Allies could have advanced into the vacated space. I simply missed the rule.

On the right the Germans advanced to the bridge and occupied the woods. The Allies advanced up passed the woods and into ranged combat with the two Axis troops.

Back on the left the Axis reoccupied the sandbags and the troops on the other side of the river moved into a position to enfilade the advancing allies. Shooting took place across the river and both sides took casualties. Then in a sudden burst a depleted allied unit sprinted onto the bridge thereby gaining a temporary victory point. Alas it was not to last the counter attack from three axis units eliminated the brave ( if a little crazy ) allied unit and removed the victory point.

The allied right was now seriously depleated, a ravaged unit withdrew to a safe distance and now the allied center finally began to move slowly forwards hoping to support the savaged left.

At this point the axis airforce came into play and in a single attack, killed one allied unit and serious depleted two more.

On the right the axis forces in the woods were well below strength and the unit defending the bridge had a casualty or two. An allied unit was pinned between them with only one figure left. Of course the axis forces focused on this brave soul and eliminated it from the game thereby gaining a game winning victory!

I was absolutely delighted with how the game played and I really enjoyed the way it worked. The play is light and fast, yet I was having serious decisions every turn making it an excellent combination isn my eyes.

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Ozvortex said...

Memoir '44 is a great game. Indeed, all the Commands & Colors games are fantastic games IMHO. Nice report.