Friday, November 07, 2008

Star Wars Stolen Plans - Review

The Star Wars : Stolen Plans game caught my eye because of the Star Wars theme. It's a space theme, so that appeals to the Sci Fi geek in me.

It's a free Print and Play game. The PDF file contains the rules and the cards. Each card contains a photo image lifted from the films ( IV-VI ).

The rules are very simple and only take up two sides of paper. The Cards themselves are in the PDF with four on a page. Each page also contains a sentence telling you how many times to print that page. Thats a nice touch, rather than having to reference a list of print instructions, its right there on the page.

I print card games like this straight to thin-printable card so I have no mounting to do. The four cards per sheet is my only ( and minor ) problem with the games presentation. This leaves a lot of wasted card on each sheet. Once it's printed a few chops with the scissors and you're ready to play.

The game play itself is very simple and straight forward. On your turn you can draw a card into your hand, or play a card from your hand. That's it! The objective is likewise simple. When the last card is taken from the draw pile, the player holding the R2 card is the winner.

The cards come in a variety of types. You have Attack cards which you use to attack your opponents hand of cards. You have defence cards that allow to fend off attacks and even counter attack. During these attacks your trying to strip cards out of your opponents hand by making them discard them.

There are also "Rebel Hero" cards which have dual use. They can be played as defence cards or as special attack cards.

Another set of cards in the set are "steal" type cards, these allow you to just take cards right out of your opponents hand and place them in your own.

Another nice variation in play is that there a few cards that can only be played by Jedi, and in the deck is a Jedi card that if you get it, you play it out in front of you making you the Jedi. Some of these Jedi only cards have special abilities.

So the main tactics in the game play are based on trying to keep a decent hand of cards yourself while forcing your opponents to discard
thier cards and all of the time trying to steal the R2 card for yourself.

In summary this is a quick, light fun game that for a Star Wars fan is a must and for other Print and Players certainly well worth checking out.

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