Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another haul of treasure

Today I got to go round a BIG car boot sale and of course I was only interested in games. I really didn't see anything else. Tons and tons of toys and games that are really toys pretending to be games. Yet, despite all of the brightly coloured plastic not one copy of Loopin Louie!

However I had a double treasure haul of goodies. The first is an game from '73 called The Game of Nations. It looks good. The pieces are a bit spartan and with a quick glance it all looks very Diplomacy like, but with some fun added.

The other treasure was simply getting my hands on a second copy of Heroscape Rise of the Valkyrie. The lad behind the stall said it was all there, and I couldn't beat him down to less than £5. So in the end I handed over the huge wad of cash and walked away with the game.

I only picked this up because I wanted more of the scenery that comes with the game. I have no use for the minis and cards as they are just duplicates of the ones I've already got. ... and it's just as well. I still went through the new game process of checking the component list to see if it was all there. It wasn't. The honest looking boy, it turns out, was a liar! A couple of the minis were missing. One was broken off its base, ones weapon hand was missing and the dragon had only 1 wing. Also one of the army cards was missing.

So I was very glad I only brought this for the scenery because all of that was in the box. So now I have a loverly second set of scenery to add to my current set. This will allow me to build bigger and better maps over which to fight. A good day out!

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GamesBook said...

"Curse you Red Baron!"

I've been wanting a Game of Nations ever since high school. But around this neck of the woods, there only boots, not car boot sales!