Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Freedom for creative juice

It might happen today! I might get to play a game! While my time at home has drifted away, I may have a chance to play during the lunch hour at work.

I've managed to take in Heroscape, it took two days to get it there ( there's no way I could carry the whole set the 10 miles to work on my bicycle).

Now I think about it I probably wont get a chance to play, we'll be setting up and choosing armies today... oh but tomorrow I may get to roll a die!.

On another note, last night I changed a long ingrained habbit. As a hobbist game designer I've always written my game notes and ideas into A5 spiral bound note pads. Last night I found great liberation in using the printer paper that was due to go into the recycing. This is loose leaf, printed on one side, leaving the other side free for my notes. I found that with loose sheets I could scrawl notes quickly, draw bigger diagrams, mock up boards across multiple sheets, in short I found freedom from the tyranny of the A5 spiral pad!

I have a spare box file, so I'll be dropping these idea sheets into there. You probably wont understand what I mean, I know that. I understand, I feel the FREEDOM.

As an example I was able to quickly throw my ideas onto paper and get some sleep. Often if I've been carefully noting ideas into a neat notebook I find my head still swimming and that prevents sleep. So in ten minutes I was able to sponge out ideas for a Arkham Horror like game and a Sonic the Hedgehog platformer.

Last night, was good sleeping!

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GamesBook said...

I used to use those cheap A5 "blue boxed lines" books for notes. Then I switched to an A5 file, and simply chop the books in half and punch the edges to go into the file. Add some blank sheets and you're good to go!