Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fixing Doom Figures

When you buy Doom: The Board Game you get a lot of plastic figures. Like many other people when I got my set I found that many of the bigger figures had warped bases. They still stood up, but tended to lean forwards and look rather silly.

After all, these are supposed to look like nasty beasties from another dimension, not aged ugly blokes who have lost their walking sticks!

Well I recently read on Board Game Geek about a remedy to this problem. It is simplicity itself.

Boil some water, put in a cup. Submerge the figures base in the water for a few seconds, then hold the plastic under the cold tap making sure to hold it straight. This effectively refreezes the plastic.

It worked first time for me, and so I spent half an hour fixing all of the warped bases in my set.

My olde blokes, now look rejuvinated back into youthful befanged monsters of DOOM!

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