Monday, August 25, 2008

Bank Holiday Gaming Goodness

Here I am on Bank Holiday Monday just relaxing after a loverly game of Doom The Boardgame. I just spent an hour and a half blasting my kids with monsters and fireballs, ahh such fun!

The manufacturers Fantasy Flight have posted some rules variants on their web site that allow you to adjust the difficultly level. As I was playing with the kids, I used these rules to dial down the difficulty one level and make life just a little bit smoother for their game play.

It worked very well. I had to remind them a few times to keep moving and not get into the kill all of the monsters mind set. That happened last time. They concentrated so hard on killing monsters and I kept spawning monsters that they ended up running out of ammunition and failed to get anywhere near the end of the level.

Today however they did extraordinarily well. We were playing the second mission and the kids kept moving and even , wait for it, won! Thats right, they won, they found the red dorr and scooted through it before I could kill their marines. It was a close game, I had 5 frags and only needed 6 to win. It all came down to a single roll by the cyber demon, who needed to score 7 woulds to win. He only got three.

These kids are good.

But my good gaming day didn't end there. I've been playing Valor & Victory recently and found I was looking up the terrain details, movement costs and firing effects. So today I knocked a Terrain Reference sheet together. I've posted that to Board Game Geek and it should appear there in the next few days. On a side note I also recently posted two other files for this game on BGG. These were a simple Turn Sequence reference card ( to stop me confusing myself when playing solo ) and a tiny scenario that only uses very few counters, which would be a good one to start with when learning the system.

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