Monday, August 18, 2008

Alas alas for gaming...

I'm feeling a little bereft of late. My mucking about with boardgames has kind of ground to a halt.

The first thing to get in the way was one of my podcasts. I was under time pressure to get the next Cthulhu Podcast out of the door. I've set myself a timetable of getting 1 per month released and the day was drawing close. So for a week all of my effort has been going into the latest episode which is actually a mini dramatic piece.

Unless you've done a podcast you really don't know how much time it takes. I used to think it was just switch on the mic' and go...then I started recording and the true picture came through. When you have to not only record, but edit, search for and add sound effects, add in just the right music, post production, and then once it's up on the web you have to advertise. Oh it goes on and on.

So I get that out of the way and I find my time taken up by another project. This one is a web site that I'm building that will hopefully bring in a little pin money that will of course go on games!

So I've just had a weekend with not a single game! I should be able to get some games in at lunchtime at work, but that's doubtful as well due to current work load.

As my wife would say, things are a bit "muh".

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