Sunday, August 03, 2008

Valor & Victory - Session Report

Valor & Victory is a high quality, FREE ( yes FREE ), print and play, squad based, WWII hex and counter wargame. This is easily the equivalent quality of the Lock n Load system.

Anyway what follows is a session report from my first game using the games first official scenario : Hedgerow Hell.

The Germans knew the Americans were coming. They dug in on the road to Treviere and between the hedges just next to the road. Two other squads were placed further east next to the stream. The other two squads were placed to the west occupying a building and a field filled with hay stacks.

The Americans advanced, fearing the road would be too obvious the first squads pushed through the hedge to the east of the road and entered the field only to find themselves in an MG fire lane. The MG was mounted in the foxholes on the road but has a clear line of sight into the field. The Americans went to ground.

Another squad pushed through the hedges to the west of the road and started moving through the crop fields. Some ineffectual fire from the occupied buildings and haystacks was ignored.

The Americans advanced again. Those in the crops came under effective fire, the unit on the road was pinned down and those to the east of the road became pinned or took casualties. The Germans in the eastern fox holes got as good as they gave.

The German left wing advanced from thier start line, running up to the hedges that edged the east-west road. From there they could pour fire onto the Americans on the road.

Doyle and a depleted half squad skirted the foxholes and broke through to the south. The Germans on the right wing left their strong points to close on the action in the centre and plug the hole Doyle had just used.

A brave American leader lead his troops in an assault on the foxholes across the road. He successfully wiped out the German occupants, but at a terrible cost, after the melee he was the only man left standing.

Meanwhile the Americans moved out of the fields on either side of the road and took casualties or became pinned. The Germans of the left wing weren't getting away with it, they were also taking hits.

The Germans from the right wing dived into the fox holes killing the brave American leader, but this left them with only their leader.

The Americans now strung out along the east west road started running along the road to get around the Germans right which was now sat on the north-south road.

The Germans moved out from behind the hedge and shot into the rear and flank of an American unit pinning them there. They also ineffectually tried to pin the runners with some confused close quarters shooting.

Then the Americans broke through, leaving half a squad to be taken prisoner.

On the road to Treviere was Doyle, two squads, and three half strength squads. A success for the American player.

The Germans were left with only three full squads and the three leaders Lensen, Steiner and Weissman


Iain Cheyne said...

Looks very nice. How does it compare with the other tactical WWII games you have played? The maps look very much like classic Squad Leader.

(p.s. It's a pity I can't sign on with OpenID here)

Felbrigg said...

It's like Squad leader/band of heros with much of the complexity removed and all of the flavour left in.

Download the rules, have a read through see what you think.