Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost Treasures...

One of the guys at work reported that he had a bunch of games in his garage that the kids didn't play any more and woudl I like to look over them. Of course I said yes. Yesterday he turned up in the office, with a huge sack, all he needed was a red suit and I'd have said "Hello Santa"!

I dove into the bundle of goodies and had a great time. There were a couple of puzzles that I passed over. There were a couple of trivia games, once again I passed over them.

Trivia games have never interested me. They are a poor excuse for a game really, your progress depends on general knowledge and nothing to do with skill. I'll never forget the sad pathetic games of Trivial Pursuit that grind to a halt with everyone with only one segment missing and not able to answer that one type of question. For me it was always sport questions. I know less than nothing about sport, so I was never going to get that point.

So skipping the trivia games, I dug down deeper and came across something else that caught my eye.

A complete copy of a Harry Potter game. In the past I've turned my nose up at any "License" game as I've always found them rather poor. That changed a while back when I heard Scott ( of Board Games with Scott ) mention that sometimes just sometimes these games are quite good. The umpteenth retheme of "Life" might have a particular theme rules added that makes it cool, so he said. So now I give these games a chance. So I snuck this game onto my take home pile.

The next game is one of my old games! A few years back I spent a year and a half living with my family and two dogs in a camper van and as the day of moving into it came nearer and nearer I started giving away all of my games, I would have nowhere to put them! Anyway, the game I pulled out was my old copy of DungeonQuest. Alas, alas, as my friend told me the game was missing one of its boards, and had been missing it when I gave it to him. I still dont know what happened to that board.

The next game out was another of mine, Space Fleet. An old Games Workshop game, back from where they made games! So this went straight into my keeper pile.

Next was Dragon Quest another of my old games. Never actually played by me, or the guy from work. So still in excellent game and now back in my collection, huzzar!

The last game is an old family game, the name escapes me at the moment but it's horror themed and has huge board, lots of cards and and minis. I'll look forward to getting this one home.

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