Sunday, August 10, 2008

Thunder Road

On saturday a trip to one of the local charitity shops brought to light a game that I've had on my radar for a number years.

The game is called ThunderRoad and was/is produced by MB games. Being MB it's a mass market affair and was obviously inspired by either the Mad Max films and or the Road warfare game produced by Games Workshop back in the day.

What we have ended up with is a mass produced game that's actually quite fun. It's not deep and does not have a lot od stratergy and is far from being a gamers game but is so simple and quick to play that it still wins out.

The idea of the game is to race your three cars along the road shooting and ramming your opponents cars as you do so, last man driving wins. Today I had one game that went on for about ten turns and another won by my ever-winning-son that lasted only three turns!

So it's quick, has a fun theme and actually the bits are jolly nice as well, and a super bonus, it only cost me a pound!

I should be doing a review and a session report in the not too distant future.

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