Thursday, September 04, 2008

Short Heroscape Session

My shortest ever game of Heroscape took place today. We were playing the last but one scenario in the original book. In this scenario and the end of turn 1 everything on ground level takes 1 hit. At the end of turn 2, everything on level 1 or 2 takes a hit and so on for the first 5 turns.

It was the usual 400 point armies, and I didn't look carefully at the terrain before selecting troops. It was only after picking the army and sitting at the table I realised the trouble I was in.

The battle field is mostly split into two part by water, the troops all start on the low end of the map and have to quickly run to the other end of the map where the levels are higher.

When I started counting the hexs from one end to the other and comparing that to movement allowances I realised I had make some serious errors. My starting area was two high and there was a wide section of level 1 between there and the other end of the map where the ground started going higher.

So I sent Mimring halfway across thelow ground expecting her to take 1 hit after the first round and then be able move to the high ground after that. My opponent promptly hit the dragon for 4 hits. My other troops crossed over to my opponents side and started kicking up fight. My nobel opponent however had sent one of his troopers zooming along the map and left all of the others to block the way and stop me using that avenue to the high ground.

Turn 1 ends and Mimring bites the dust as the fumes choke off her last life point. Turn 2 my only other hero is killed by a lucky shot and all but two of my other troops are also killed by the rising fumes. Turn 3 we play out because I have a couple of shots but then I resign. I cant cross the killing fumes or shoot across the gap.

Game over.


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