Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The irony of it

Last year I made up a Print and Play copy of Space Hulk. It didn't get many plays so I binned it. Well, not binned but rather harvested, I kept all of the bits that I think I might reuse in some other game, the rest was binned. Then within he week I visit a chartity shop and find a copy of 2nd Edition Space Hulk. I crack open the box and find that the rule book is missing. I dont mind that as I know I can print it out, as I had for my old copy.

So without any delay I purchase this game and bring it home. Oh woe, woe, what awful woe, when I check over the plastic figures. One Marine is missing, only his arm is left! All of the other marines have the arms stuck out in front of them like a horde of marine zombies, but worse they are all stuck into the bases the wrong way round meaning the zombie posture makes them unstable.

More Woe: Over half of the genestealer arms are stuck on backwards!

Yet more Woe : An half-hearted attempt has been made to paint them. All of the Marines have a single colour daubed on them, not even a good covering, not even in squad colours. The same is true for half the Genestealers.

Total Woe : I can not leave them like that. So I have started painting them all black to hide the evel paint jobs. The Marine bases also need to be "fixed" with some weight adding to the underside.

... and yet last night after lots of effort I finally finished a proper paint job on ONE marine. Heck, it's been years since I've painted a mini and I'd forgotten just how much time it takes, phew!

So now I'm looking at all of the minis in the box and thinking , is there a way to short cut this? Unfortunately I'm also thinking, no there isnt.


Jason said...

You could trade/sell it. If you didn't play the pnp copy much, are you going to play the published edition?

Felbrigg said...

It'll get more play with my son, he's a bit more picky about what he plays with than I am.