Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plan for revenge

Yesterday was to be my glorious day. I've two base sets of Heroscape and yesterday I planned to have a lot of fun combining the two full sets of terrain into a single map and battling across it.

Sadly the plan was dimmed a little because the living room floor was not available for use. Instead I had to resort to using my fold away table in the bedroom. This is a wooden affair fixed to the wall and not very big. I laid out all of the big map segments I could which filled the space with a few left over. I thought it was a shame as I had wanted to make a BIG map.

So not being able to spread, I built up. Pilling the hexes one on top of another building a platform and the ramps up to it. This part is almost as much fun as the game itself!

When every piece of terrain I could fit was finally on the table I broke the news to my son that a map was ready for play, and his face lit up :) . We then went through the 400pt army selection process. He was opting for heros and as it turned out I was opting for numbers of figures.

We started on opposite sides of the map and went for it. I started my troops sprinting from the back of the map towards the big ramp to upper level which started at the front of the map. Other troops I sent across the map under the platform hoping to distract his troops. His troops edged forwards some heading for the ramp, and like me detaching some to go under the platform.

In turn two it started going wrong for me. His troops the Airborne elite dropped in, where else but on the platform, each dropped into a perfect sniper position. He also had the agents in black, these he split between the ramp and under the platform.

The winged female ( name forgotten ) jumped onto the tall spire next to the main platform. She has no range but a cool defensive effect for those nearby so she offered protection to the agents at her feet.

The airborne poured fire down onto my troops. It started with grenades, that killed half of the viking warriors and continued over the next few turns to wipe out the marro boys who's return fire was just pityful.

The remaining vikings and a viking hero started to climb the ramp only to come face to face with a bloke in black who immediately carried out a couple of execution type killings.

Under the platform my robots and the archer focused on trying to kill the sergeant but the attacks were getting nowhere due in part to that winged woman! I finally took out a woman in black but at the cost of a robot and the archer.

The viking hero on the ramp finally got into contact with the man in black and put him down. He then surged up the ramp under a withering fire from the airborne. He managed to put one of them to death before he was himself slain. The lone robot under the platform battled on without success until he (it) was finally deactivated.

So yet another loss to my son. I've sworn revenge will take place today with a game of space hulk. I'll get himm yet!

Edit : He just beat as both Marines and Genestealers!

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