Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zombie in my Pocket

A good while agao I made up a copy of a game called "Zombie in my Pocket". This was back in the games very early days and it had very poor, play-test-quality graphics. Since then the game had moved on, a whole new graphic layer had been added and the rules refined a little.

I saw these new graphics a few months back but had trouble getting enough will power to revisit the game. I make at least one board or card game a week for the reviews I do on my podcast so it's very hard for me find time or will power to revisit a game I've already made.

Yesterday I found myself with some spare time so I finally pulled my gumption out of the cupboard and put it to work.

I downloaded the upgraded components and while I was at it, some of the variants of the game as well. I carefully printed out all of the bits got gluing cutting and folding and in half an hour I had a terrific looking game. Suddenly I really wanted to play this game again. The quality in the components is hugely better. When I compared the orginal bits to the new bits it was a total revolution. The old copy of the game had sat on the shelf for quite a while. The new set I've already played twice and the kids saw me playing, and asked to play as well BONUS!

So now I'm thinking I should perhaps revisit some of the other print and play games that have been hanging around for a while. A quick look at Board Game Geek shows that many of the games I've made and reviewed have been upgraded since so perhaps I should get printing them... but there is room in the Zombie in my Pocket box to add a couple of the variants as well. Which first, Aliens in my Pocket, Dungeon in my Pocket, Trekkie in my Pocket...

Boy oh boy, I love free games!

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Jeremiah said...

Warms my (undead) heart.