Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Looking for a theme

So I've come up with an idea for a betting game. Players will make 2 or 3 bets per round on what cards get pulled from a deck of cards. The player does not bet an amount but just puts their marker on bets that give a fixed return.

A very simple idea, unfortunately the theme I have to paste on this is rather lame. The working title for the game at present is "The Office Pool" and the idea is that players are betting on events taking place at the office.

Frankly the idea matches the game but it's a bit lame, a bit unispired. There must be a better theme. I've yet to come up with something better.

The point is, you place bets and get money back if the bet pays off. Obviously the money could be rethemed to be practicly anything. Victory points, brownie points, popularity, radiation, tempreature anything , anything at all.

Any suggestions welcome, I need a theme!!!!

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Yehuda said...

particle physics