Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Games out of the time machine

My wife likes cats. It was this that drew her to an ebay auction for a game called Cats' Mansion.

I've been schooling her in how to check out games at Board Game Geek. You know the usual stuff. Look for pictures of the game, ask yourself, does it look naff? Read a couple of reviews check out the games rating, look for personal comments.

She's great, and now knows what she's doing and how to avoid trash games.

However, when it came to Cats' Mansion she saw the bits in the ebay posting and fell for the cat miniatures that come with the game. Imagine my horror when she tells me she's bidding on an old game that has no reviews.

I panicked until I saw the ebay pics. She's right ( as usual ) the game would be worth it, just for the gorgeous "cat" pieces. They each have a different pose and are coloured differently. It's an old Spears Games production from 1984 ( I was at school ) and is surprisingly well produced. Game play looks interesting but I haven't played it yet so I'm not in a position to review the game.

The final price was £3.99, which is fine, but its quite a large box, old style Monopoly size, so the postage was more than the game! Oh well, but the cats are lovely and the game does look hopeful!

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